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Passing the “thud test” with flying colors

Client chooses Falkbuilt after testing wall with his fist

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Decison makers with a well known unversity liked the faster Falkbuilt schedule, they loved the sleek aesthetic for their C-suite but they weren’t entirely sold on the structural integrity of Digital Component Construction. That is, until Riley Clements of our Falkbuilt Charlotte Branch invited the client to take the “thud test.”

“I asked him to slam his fist into a Falk wall in our showroom, and there was a nice solid thud,” says Riley. “The university has to build out six floors very quickly and he was concerned prefab wouldn’t have the effectiveness of conventional, but when he heard that thud it was that light bulb moment, and he was hooked.”

Falkbuilt will start installing offices, meeting rooms and refreshment centers over six floors in downtown Knoxville in August, with plenty of time for the university’s leadership to settle in their new space by the end of October. And the project was sealed with a slam. “We love using the thud test with our clients,” says Riley. “It just shows that this stuff is solid. These few digital components come together to create a system with incredible strength.”

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