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Meet the falkers.

Officially, we’re Falkbuilt, but you can call us Falkers.

We’re hardworking, customer-focused and ridiculously passionate about Digital Component Construction. If you added up all our experience in manufacturing and construction, we’d have a few centuries’ worth. And we have other talents. One of us was first runner up Miss India 1996, one of us wrote a children’s book about poo and another was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People of 2017.

Why we give a Falk

It’s simple. We see a future for interior construction that’s not only better for people, it’s better for the planet. While we expect to stub our toe every now and then, we’ll never stop moving toward our vision. And we promise that no matter how fast we’re running, we’ll always provide the most responsive service the construction industry has ever seen.

Fly through our Falknest

Welcome to our Calgary corporate HQ. We hope to meet you here in person real soon.

We don’t falk around, but sometimes we do.

At Falk, we don’t get all hung up on corporate hierarchy. But we do like to show off a good head shot.

Mogens Smed

A world leader in digital interior construction, started out in the cabinet making business, moved into modular interiors with SMED International and went on to pioneer digital modular construction as co-founder of DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) Environmental Solutions in 2004. Smed’s accolades include being named Environmental Champion by Interiors and Sources Magazine and being awarded by American Society of Interior Designers for his work mitigating construction waste and making interiors adaptable and sustainable.

Barrie Loberg

An information systems expert, led the implementation of original and revolutionary technologies at Evans Consoles in Calgary, netting him Alberta Venture’s Award for Most Enterprising Employee. Loberg co-founded DIRTT Environmental Solutions where he created ICE, the world’s first digital platform that blends a video game experience with live-data for accurate pricing, engineering and manufacturing, as well as construction on the job site. In 2017, Fast Company magazine named Loberg one of the Top 100 Most Creative Business People.

Play well with others?

Looking to join a fun, challenging, fast-paced, innovative, growing and did we say fast-paced team? We can always use another pair of smarty pants around here.

Do the pants fit

What’s in a name?

Falk is the Danish word for falcon. It’s also the middle name of every man in Mogens Smed’s family. Not only is it homage to the family history, Falkbuilt is a nod to the Danish craftsmanship Mogens grew up with.

When the family moved to Canada in the 1950s, Mogens’ father, Kai, took over a cabinet making company and eventually expanded into millwork and interior construction. In the decades since, Mogens’ construction experience and entrepreneurial drive has led to oodles of success. Most recently Mogens and technological visionary Barrie Loberg have partnered up to pioneer Digital Component Construction. Conveniently, ‘Falk’ also cleans up one of Mogens’ favourite expressions about getting stuff done: RFN — Right Falking Now.


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A word about our culture + Christmas spirit

Having fun, working hard and supporting community

Falk is Moving Far + Wide

Head ups Antarctica, Digital Component Construction is coming your way!

Like camp but with Super Studs instead of s’ mores.

Building more than great culture.

On your mark. Get set . Go!

See how Digital Component Construction beats conventional.

1st award. 8 hours from crate to clean up.

+ “most amazing day in my entire business career”

We can fix what ails you.

Dr. Falk's Digital Component Construction to the rescue.

Falkbuilt Ltd. Unit #2, 4100-106 Ave. SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 5B6


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