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Echo makes complex clinic easy

Calgary job combines conventional with Digital Component Construction

Dr. Kevin Robertson’s new dental surgery clinic, Foundation Oral Surgery in Calgary, includes an operating room that needed a few elements from conventional construction incorporated inside a Digital Component Construction solution. “We needed a kind of complicated operating room that had certain requirements,” he says.

As for the look of the space, Kevin had a vision in mind: “Typical hospital facilities are usually kind of clean, white kind of sterile looking. I wanted the clinic to still have that medical feel, but with some images printed on the walls and marble touches.”

Falkbuilt’s Calgary Branch had no problem delivering exactly what he needed. Powered by Echo technology, the clinic’s approved Revit drawings were instantly and seamlessly translated into an engineering accurate 3D model in the cloud, with all the data necessary for fabrication.

As well as speeding up production on the factory floor, Echo’s end-to-end solution saved significant time throughout the life of the project, starting with quotations, design development and submittals right through to installation.

“Onsite, installers use Echo’s 3D model viewer to break apart the project into all its thousands of components. It’s a gamechanger for us. It really helps speed the process on the job site,” says Amit Ramji, a project manager with the Calgary Branch. "Echo lets them see on their phone or iPad the exact location of each component. It streamlines the project, saves a lot of phone calls and puts us all on the same page."

The doctor, his patients and staff are all happy with the result. “I love it. It's great to see it all come together,” he says. “Everyone likes the marble finishes and the printed graphics. People are pretty impressed with the space.”

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