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Multi-task your office

2020 trend to create multi-functional workspaces

Your space at home has always done double or triple duty. Just ask your dining room/study hall/crafts room/games table/brainstorm space. Now that same idea is coming to work. And Falkbuilt designer and expert ball-juggler Dessy Koutzarova is excited to see how our clients multitask their space to make it more efficient.

“It’s really about adding as much function as possible to a space,” says Dessy. “Oftentimes there are spaces that are dedicated to one activity – like a large boardroom. Think about how much square footage you’re saving if you’re able to incorporate a lot more activity there when it’s not being used. There are really exciting ways to create space definitions – whether its through color blocking or having one consistent finish that ties spaces together, and our folding walls and sliding doors can change a space in an instant.”

Falkbuilt has a giant inventory of ideas and a suite of sweet doors to help you get the most of your space.

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