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Music students turn it up to 11 in Falkbuilt lesson rooms

Falkbuilt project with solid and glass walls

Budding musicians and their teachers are thrilled with the new music rooms at Western Hills Music in Cincinnati. The new Falkbuilt rooms mean the saxophone student practicing Careless Whisper doesn’t bleed into the Angus Young guitar solo next door.

“When there were lots of lessons in the old drywall rooms it was crazy how loud it was,” says Nate Banzhof, the owner of the music store and lesson center. “Now, when you walk through the corridor while students are playing, you can actually talk to people. It's great.“

And the 24 music teachers can better hear their students’ progress. Seven of the new insulated music rooms are about 8 by 8 ft and one room designed for group lessons is about 12 by 10 ft. Standard Falkbuilt solid walls have STC 41. With insulation the STC is 47. Western Hills’ 10 mm sliding glass doors are equipped with drop seals for further acoustic performance.

Falkbuilt project with solid and glass walls
Falkbuilt project with solid and glass walls

“The acoustics are really impressive,” says Dan Wilson who teaches guitar in a room between the drum kit and another guitar teacher.

“I have been surprised how little sound comes through, especially around the door. It’s sealed really well,” says Greg Hurd, a saxophone teacher. “The glass walls and door are great for visibility, and the size of the new rooms are so much more comfortable than the old ones.”

Now parents and visitors can watch kids playing sax, guitar, drums and piano as they walk by the lesson rooms, without having to cover their ears.

Falkbuilt project with solid and glass walls
Falkbuilt project with solid and glass walls

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